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Offroad Videos

Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America

bbus0.gif (3660 bytes)Bill Burke's Getting Unstuck 2 HR DVD Video $29.95 - $26.95
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Instructional guide to safe recovery techniques! Bill Burke narrates and demonstrates safe recovery techniques in Moab, UT Desert ... Cape Cod Beach ... Western Massachusetts Mountains (Berkshires) ... Rocky Mountain snow. Tour Superwinch facility. Index for easy navigation. Approximately 2 hours.

Bill Burke's Getting PREpared DVD Video $25.00 - $22.45
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Whether you're going into the back country for 4-wheeling, wildflower or wildlife watching, fishing, hunting, biking, or hiking, this DVD will give you ideas for deciding on the type of vehicle, tires, accessories, what to pack, how to pack it, setting up a comfortable campsite, cooking an easy meal and many other ways to plan and prepare your adventure!  Approximately 80 minutes.

Rick Russell's
Off Highway Adventures

rr4wbv0.gif (2398 bytes)4 WHEELING BASICS VIDEO
DVD Edition $24.95 - $19.99 [Add to Cart]  [See More about them]
Classroom instruction Illustrations Guidelines Getting unstuck On-ground trail examples Designed for new 4 wheelers Driving techniques Winching techniques What to carry in your 4x4 4WD component explanation Safety guidelines Upgrading your 4x4 Animated diagrams Navigating different terrains Trip preparation 58 minutes

Off Highway Adventure Series: #1Baja Backcountry, Mexico
Rick Russell's first video follows a group of four wheelers crossing the border from California into Baja, Mexico. They visit Ensenada, buy fish at the fish market and get closeup look at the race vehicles. The group drive into the backcountry to watch the Baja 500 vehicles race by. They leave the race course to explore the back roads in Northern Baja.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #2 Big Bear, CA
The Big Bear Trails video features a mountain trail system near Los Angeles, California, beginning with an easy drive through Holcomb Valley. Four wheelers stops to explore remnants of the mining operations from the late 1800's. Then the trails become progressively harder. On the White Mountain Trail (rated Most Difficult) Rick Russell is joined by a 4x4 club who adopted the trail. Also included is the John Bull Trail and Dishpan Springs (rated Most Difficult).

Off Highway Adventure Series: #3 Dusy/Ershim Trail, CA
The Dusy trail is in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. northeast of Fresno, CA and snakes along a 33-mile corridor between two wilderness areas. 12 well-equipped vehicles challenge the trail, make repairs and climb over boulders. Courtright Reservoir to Kaiser Pass. Rockcrawling terrain, fishing lakes and remote areas.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #4 Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah hosts some of the world's best 4-wheeling. So whether you're driving a 4WD, motorcycle, ATV or UTV (Sidebyside) Moab has trails for you. Off highway enthusiasts, mountain bikers and river rafters converge on Moab during Holidays (Easter attracts the most people).

In this DVD, Jeeps, Hummers, Broncos and full-size trucks fight their way over ledges on seven of the "Most Difficult" trails in Moab: Behind The Rocks, Golden Spike, Pritchett Canyon, Kane Creek, Hell's Revenge, Lion's Back and Moab Rim Trail.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #5: Panamint Mountains CA
Rick Russell's Off Highway Adventure Series documents trips into the California and Baja deserts, mountains, and beaches. Each video captures the events as they might happen to you. See vehicle break-downs and field repairs as they really happened. Watch all types of vehicles and drivers at various skill levels approach challenging terrain. There are no actors or staged events in these videos- just enthusiasts from all walks of life enjoying back country trips in their 4WD vehicles. Maps are referred to throughout the video to pinpoint the spectacular scenery and events.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #6 The Rubicon Trail, CA
The Rubicon Trail is the most famous 4WD trail in the world. The trail begins near Loon Lake and travels over boulders and slick rock as it winds through the Sierra Nevada Mtns. for 12 miles to reach the pavement at Lake Tahoe, CA. Features 8 Jeeps, 2 Hummers and 3 4x4 ATVs. Captures events as they actually happen. See breakdowns and field repairs on the trail. Includes the True Big Sluice.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #7 Clayton, Oklahoma
This video follows a group of 4-wheelers through some of the roughest trails found in southeast Oklahoma. Broken axles, flat tires and twisted drive shafts become a common occurrence on wet, muddy trails. After watching this video you'll understand why 4-wheelers travel from Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas to run 3-Stage Hill, Floyd's Hill, 4x4 Hill, K-Trail, Rock Creek Trail and other trails in Clayton.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #8 Sledgehammer, Johnson Valley, CA
The Sledgehammer Trail is located in California's Johnson Valley OHV Area. A rocky, desert trail that will challenge even the best equipped vehicles. Next we join a group of 4x4s running through Sledgehammer's rugged sister trail, Jackhammer. If Sledgehammer doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat, then try Jackhammer. Also included is Awesome Canyon, local sand dunes and some earthquake fissures in the Landers, CA area.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #9 Chokecherry Canyon, New Mexico
A challenging trail Near Farmington, NM. The terrain is a cross between Moab rock faces and the ledges on a rough Colorado trail. The video begins with the Waterfall Trail, a winding trail leading over rocky ledges, then its over to RJ's Trail. But the Intimidator Trail provided the greatest thrill. Drivers push vehicles to their limits. Breakdowns & repairs were common.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #10 Colorado Trails Vol I
Volume I of the Colorado Trails begins at the London Mine in Mosquito Pass and then Holy Cross City (near Red Cliff), Battlement Mesa (near Alma). The video finishes with a rollover on Mine Sweeper Trail. All the trails were run in June when the snow and mud increased the difficulty rating on high elevation trails. Includes CJs, YJs, TJs, Broncos, Toyotas and full size trucks. If you like 4-wheeling in the snow and mud, you'll enjoy every minute of this video.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #11 Colorado Trails Vol II
This video begins at The Kelly Flats Trail near Ft. Collins. Next is the Mt. Blanca Trail near Alamosa. A few vehicles took the short cut through Medano Pass to reach the trailhead. Volume II finishes with a group of hardcore wheelers running The Rattler Tail near Salida, one of Colorado's "tough trails." Includes CJs, YJs, Broncos, Toyota rock crawling, action.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #12 Arizona Trails
Includes four of Arizona tough trails. Martinez Trail is rocky, then mountainous and ends with a slide down The Luge. Upper Woodpecker and Upper Terminator challenged every vehicle but the Predator trail did the most damage to the vehicles. Because of all the off-camber sections, every vehicle that finished Predator had a battle scar to prove it. The drivers were not afraid to test their driving skills and limits of their vehicles.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #13 Tellico OHV North Carolina
Upper Tellico OHV area is located on the Tennessee/North Carolina border between Murphy, NC and Tellico Plains, TN. The trails are wet, making traction even more difficult. We begin by winding through the maze of trails to the base of Trail #9. This Most Difficult trail ends with a rough section called Mistletoe. Once on top, the group slides down Trail #7 and heads back. The vehicles work over rocks and ledges to the top of Trail #2. Trails #11 & #12 are also featured.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #14 Hot Springs Arkansas Trails
Rain and mud are what you'll see on this video. We explore two areas near Hot Springs, Arkansas before heading to Mt. Ida in the Ouachita National Forest (40 miles west of Hot Springs). Trails include Little Rock Highway Hills, Fabric Softener, Surprise Gully, Radiator Hill, Powerline Road, Horse Fly, and Cherokee Hill. 4WDs winch and slide their way along the trails..

Off Highway Adventure Series: #15 Silverton, Colorado
In the mountains of SW Colorado, historic dirt mining roads connect Silverton with Ouray, Telluride, Lake City and several abandon minning camps. Most roads are suitable for stock 4WD vehicles. This video features an Explorer, Range Rover, Grand Cherokees & CJs. Historic sites visited include Imogene Pass, Tomboy Mine, Ophir Pass, Black Bear Pass, Alta Lakes, Animas Forks and Mineral Point.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #16 Moab Extreme
This second Moab Video goes in search of extreme trails and obstacles: Rusty Nail Trail, Upper Helldorado Trail, Pickle Trail. This video also includes a few local obstacles: Dump Bump, Potato Salad Hill, The Escalator and climbing up Lion's Back from the backside--a real hair raising experience.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #17 Pucker Ridge, Washington
Shows trails in the Cascade Mtns. of southern Washington. Begins from Rimrock Lake with a maze of roads that lead to the Blue Slide Lookout site, across the Short & Dirty Ridge, and onto Pucker Ridge Trail. Pucker Ridge is a narrow trail winding along a ridge and the off-camber sections give this trail its name. Included are Kaner Flat, Rocky Saddle & the historic Naches Trail.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #18 Crawling The Rubicon, CA
Features the famous Rubicon Trail: Loon Lake, Buck Island Lake, Gate Keeper, The Slab, Spider Lake, Big Sluice to Lake Tahoe, CA. A small group driving Hummers & Jeeps tackle the Rubicon Trail. Rock crawling, action-filled video. Same vehicles that ran the Rubicon Trail 10 years earilier in our #6 DVD.

Off Highway Adventure Series: #20 Moab Trails Vol III
Our third Moab, Utah video features three trails rated 4+ (Most Difficult). Pritchett Canyon has side hills, steep climbs and lots of ledges. Hell's Revenge Trail traverses slickrock and sandy washes with steep climbs and descents. Moab Rim Trail scales the edge of the mountain with narrow sections, tight turns and ledges. This video also includes scenic vistas.

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